Besides his bands and projects Marcel is active with his solo career. He released several CD’s and DVD’s under his own name. The songs are partly instrumental with a lot of Guitar Shredding and partly songs with vocals.
Here an overview:

2024 – Live 2024, A live video of Marcel Coenen & friends recorded in 2024
2024 – Album “”Colour Journey Remixed And Remastered 2024”
2023 – Album “Resurrection”
2021 – Album “Guitartalk 2021”
2015 – EP “Disambiguation”
2013 – Guitar Instructional DVD “Moyra”
2008 – Guitar Instructional DVD “Speed Up”
2006 – DVD Marcel Coenen & Friends: “A Live Time Journey”
2006 – Album “Colour Journey”
2003 – Album “Guitar Talk”

In 2024 Marcel released a total remixed and remastered version of Colour Journey, his second solo album.
The album “Resurrection” saw the light online at october 1st 2023 at most streaming websites.
The album is a mix of vocal songs and instrumentals.
Check it out here:

In 2021 Marcel released a totally new recorded version of his first solo CD “Guitartalk”.

Marcel always wanted to record this album new since he was not totally happy with the sound of his first album.
The album got the title “Guitartalk 2021”.

You can check Marcel’s music also on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud & CD Baby.


Marcel Coenen & Friends

Marcel performs regulary with his band MARCEL COENEN & FRIENDS which features musicians that also play on his albums and some guests.

Marcel Coenen & Friends Live in 2006

Marcel has played his solo songs live with these musicians:

– Drums: Hans In T Zandt (Praying Mantis), Roel Van Helden (Powerwolf), Pim Goverde (Godscum), Mick Gravee (ex-Sun Caged), Ivo Rouschop.
– Keyboards: Rene Kroon (The Barstool Philosophers, ex-Sun Caged), Rene Ubachs (ex-Arabesque), Franck Faber (ex-Lemur Voice)
– Vocals: Paul Adrian Villarreal (ex-Sun Caged), Joyce Dijkgraaf (R.I.P.), Colleen Gray, Dennis Schreurs (Severe Torture), Menno Corbeek (ex-Chemical Breath), Hans Reinders (LikeU2), Mike Andersson (Cloudscape) , Andrew Elt (7 Miles To Pittsburgh), Ollie Oldenburgh, Debby Thebrath, Pascal Remans (Metal Attack), Jos Severens (System Pilot), Sascha Burchardt (Powerslave), Esther Brouns
– Bass: Richard Ritterbeeks (Het Goede Doel), Maurice Brouwers (Metal Attack), Frank De Groot (Gary Moore Tribute Band)
– Guitar: Freek Gielen (The Theater Equation), Frank Schiphorst (Mayan), David Maes (Metal Attack)


Marcel has traveled to many places around the world to play his solo work on stage.

Me with Paul Di'anno in Tunesia

2008-2016 – Tunisia He has already been six times to Tunisia to play his solo work. He also performed together with the local band CARTHAGODS and artists like – Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest, Iced Earth) – Paul DiAnno (ex-Iron Maiden) – Iced Earth. For the Tunisian metal band CARTHAGODS Marcel produced, mixed & mastered and played guitar on their 2015 album Carthagods. >>> Album trailer

2006 – Thailand He played three nights at the University in Bangkok (Thailand) with Mats Olausson / R.I.P. (Ark, Yngwie Malmsteen).

2000 – USA He played at the Powermad festival in Baltimore (USA). He played a solo set and also learned the set of local band OCTOBER THORNS in a few days and played the set with them on stage.

Me with October Thorns at Powermad 2000