Marcel uses CORT Guitars and Basses.

Cort X500 Menace Black (2X)
Cort X500 Menace Silver (2X, One in D-tuning and one in Drop-C Tuning)
Cort G280 Select
Cort A5 Plus SC 5 String Bass
Cort SFX-E Satin Sunburst Acoustic
Cort Sunset Nylectric Natural Glossy

Other Guitars:
Bo-El MC6 TOL Natural
Bo-El MC7 TOL Black
Bo-El MC7 TOL Black
Dean ML Red Black Flames


Harley Benton GPA-400


Marshall 1960A 4X12 cross mixed Celestion V30 / GT75
Celestion and Ownhammer IR’s


Fractal AXE-FX III MK2
Fractal EV-1 Black
Fractal EV-2 Black
Fractal FM9
Fractal FC-6 Foot Controller
Mission Engineering SP-1 BK
MXR EVH Phase 90
Digitech Whammy DT
Digitech FreqOut
Digitech FS3X


Arturia MiniFuse 2
Yamaha MG10/2 Mixer
Presonus Eris XT E7
Presonus Atom SQ
Presonus PD-70
Presonus Faderport
Devine DI-P
Presonus Studio One 6 Professional
IK Multimedia T-Racks 5
Ownhammer/Celestion IRs


Swiss Picks 1,3 mm Nuclear Cheddar
Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless
Hercules Guitar Stands and Music Stands
LD Systems Imei 1000 Wireless In Ear System
The T-Racks DS2418
Behringer UltraLink Pro
Ears 4U in-ear phones