Find out on what albums Marcel Coenen appears.
Here you find all the releases throughout the years.

Solo Albums:

Colour Journey, Remixed And Remastered (2024)
Resurrection (2023)
Guitartalk (2021, Rerecorded Version)
Disambiguation (2015)
The first release of Colour Journey (2006)
The first version of Guitartalk (2003)

Solo DVD releases:

Guitar Lesson DVD “Moyra” (2013)
Guitar Lesson DVD “Speed Up” (2006)
DVD A Live Time Journey (2006)


Godscum – The Zodiac Horrorscope (2020)
Sun Caged – The Lotus Effect (2011)
Sun Caged – Artemisia (2007)
Sun Caged – Sun Caged (2003)
Lemur Voice – Divided (1999)
Lemur Voice – Insights (1996)
Form – I Choose My Own (1994)
Speedica – Shadows Of Tomorrow (1989)



Ayreon – Universal Migrator Remixed and Remastered (2022)
Guitarsolo on “To The Quasar”
Ayreon – The Source (2017)
Guitarsolo on “”The Dream Dissolves”
Ayreon Universe (2018)
Live registration of the 2017 concerts.
Ayreon – The Theater Equation (2016)
Live registration of the 2015 Theater concerts.

Carthagods – The Devil’s Doll Single (2017)
Carthagods – Carthagods (2015)
Playing all guitars and did the complete production Mix and master


Hubi Meisel – Kailash (2006)
Hubi Meisel – EmOcean (2003)
Hubi Meisel – Cut (2002)


OSV 10 Decade (2017)
OSV 9 Time Zone (2016)
OSV 8 The Cover Of Light (2015)
OSV 7 (2014)
OSV 6 The Genesis Effect (2013)
OSV 5 Evening Sky (2012)
OSV 4 Warned (2011)
OSV 3 Chapter 3 (2010)
OSV 2 Second Thoughts (2009)


Mozart Reincarnated (2015)
Song: Rondo A La Turka
Shawn Lane Remembered Vol I (2004)
Song: Delusion
The Spirit Lives on, Tribute To Jimi hendrix (2004)
Song: Freedom (with Sun Caged)


Channel Zero – Live At The Ancienne Belgique
Live registration of the 2010 concerts on CD and DVD.
Marcel plays two songs: “No Light” and “Medley”
Playing solo’s on the CD Guitaraddiction from Frank Karmattude (2011)
Playing solo’s on the song “Soukse” from this album (2008)
Working Man – A Tribute To Rush (1995)
Lemur Voice singer Gregoor Van Der Loo and myself are hearable on the track “Freewill”
Henk Wijngaard – Zolang De Motor Draait (2004)
Playing on a few songs from this album
Speedilypassinggreengod (1993)
Speedica can be heard on two songs on this album
Rob Van Der Loo – Characters (2005)
I play a solo on the track “Absence”
Mistheria – Messenger Of The Gods (2004)
I play some solo’s on various songs on this album
Metal In Rocks Volume II (1989)
Speedica can be heard on two tracks on this album.
HDK – System Overload (2009)
I play a solo in the song “Fight Or Flight”
Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Live In Haarlem (2012)
I play the song “Altitudes” from Jason Becker and some own songs.
Ioannis Anastassakis – Suspension Of Disbelief (2007)
I play some solo’s on this record.
Imaginery – Long Lost Pride (2004)
A Project of Bob Katsionis where I play on a few songs.