Marcel started to play on stage when he was 13 years old. Below you’ll find an overview of his current and past bands he played in.


Marcel Coenen & Friends is the band around the solo music of Marcel Coenen.
The band plays songs out of all albums Marcel released under his own name plus some additional covers.
They are currently planning new shows, so keep an eye on the gigs section!

Marcel Coenen & Friends at the Colour Journey Release Show in 2006

GODSCUM (since 2013)

GODSCUM is Marcel’s own band and the band behind The Art Of Pantera. In 2013 they released an EP and in 2020 they released their first album “The Zodiac Horrorscope” on Lion Music.
Check out their music here: |
Video Great War:

POWERSLAVE (since 2023)

Powerslave is the oldest Iron Maiden tribute from The Netherlands.
Marcel already filled in with them a couple of times, the band consists out of good friends. Since 2023 Marcel is a full time member of the band playing your Iron Maiden classics at a high level!

Powerslave at Iduna Drachten (NL) in 2023
THE ART OF PANTERA (since 2014)

With the members of the band GODSCUM Marcel is playing in the Pantera tribute band THE ART OF PANTERA. In honor to Dimebag Darrell’s death anniversary, they started with a short tour in December 2014. The band got so much success, that they decided to go on. In 2015 they played at Belgian festival, Graspop Metal Meeting, in front of 15.000 screaming people. >>>

SYSTEM PILOT (since 2007)

Together with Praying Mantis drummer Hans In T Zandt he’s playing in the rock / 70’s cover band SYSTEM PILOT which also features ex-LEMUR VOICE keyboard player Franck Faber.


In 2017 Marcel was asked to form a band for a yearly festival in tribute to Gary Moore and Phil Lynott.
At first just for the festival Marcel gathered some musicians around him and they studied a set of Gary Moore classics to perform at the festival. This was such a huge success that Marcel and the rest decided to do more shows and make it a tribute band. The band has already played at the well known Bospop festival and on festivals like Culemborg Blues.

THRASH ATTACK (since 2019)

Coming out of the roots from Stormrider and Metal Attack the band Thrash Attack was started in 2019.
This band gives you the best metal songs there are ! Songs from bands like Metallica, Slayer, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Sepultura and many more.


STORMRIDER (1998 – 2018)

Over 20 years Marcel played in the thrash / metal cover band STORMRIDER. He had the privilege to play as support for bands like Exodus, Testament, Sepultura, Laaz Rockit & Death Angel. They played at the Graspop Metal Meeting festival three times (2015, 2007 & 2005) for app. 5.000 people.

SUN CAGED (1999-2016)

Marcel is known for his virtuous capabilities on the guitar and for his mind-blowing work in his previous prog metal band SUN CAGED. With this band he had quite some remarkable success and together they played shows all over the world, supporting bands like Queensrÿche, Machine Head, Evergrey, Threshold & Zero Hour.
Another highlight for them was being at the BARfest festival in San Francisco (USA) in 2008 where they shared the stage with Enchant and Liquid Tension Experiment.
2011 – The Lotus Effect
2007 – Artemisia
2003 – Sun Caged
Check Sun Caged music on YouTube + Spotify

LEMUR VOICE / AURA (1992-2000)

Marcel’s first prog band. They played shows all over the world and as support for artists like Yngwie Malmsteen and Ronnie James Dio. LEMUR VOICE was signed to the American label Magna Carta. || Albums: They released two albums: 1999 – Divided & 1996 – Insights.

Lemur Voice 1994
SPEEDICA (1989-1994) / FORM (1994-1995 + 1998-2001) & FIFTH (2001-2002)

Marcel was asked to play with SPEEDICA back in 1989 with age 16. This was an old-school sounding thrash metal band that played in the late 80’s and beginning 90’s. SPEEDICA recorded two demos in 1989 which later were released on CD by the original drummer of the band. The band changed it’s name to FORM in 1994. FORM later was renamed to FIFTH in 2001. || Album: With FORM Marcel recorded an album in 1994 – I Choose My Own.

Speedica, 1989
STREETHAWK (1986-1988) / SANCTUS SPIRITUS (1988-1989) & DUNGEON (1989-1990)
Streethawk, 1988

The first band Marcel started to play in when he was 13 years old was the band Streethawk. At first just Marcel, a second guitartist named Jack Heyman and a drummer named Theo Bouwhuis started to rehearse some covertunes from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Later a bassplayer and singer were added and some first concerts were played.
The band later transferred into Sanctus Spiritus after Jack left Streethawk, also another singer was added and SS played the support of Laaz Rockit in Nijmegen in 1988. This band later transformed into Dungeon and a demo was recorded. This was Marcel’s first studio experience.