Colour Journey album Remix and Remaster!

Hello all, the last few months I was in the process of remixing and remastering my 2nd solo album “Colour Journey”, I felt like the recordings were really good but the mix could be better, so I decided to go for it. In the middle of January 2024 it will be online at all the streaming services, so check it out then 🙂

Marcel Coenen & Friends!

In 2024 Marcel will play with his band Marcel Coenen & Friends, the band consists out of 5 band members, plus additional singers. The songs played is a collection out of Marcel’s solo albums Guitartalk 2021, Colour Journey and Resurrection, with some surprises added.
The band has Hans In T Zandt on drums, Rene Kroon on keys, David Maes on guitar, Richard Ritterbeeks on bass and ofcourse Marcel Coenen on guitar.
The additional singers will be a selection of singers Marcel worked with on his albums.
Some gigs are currently planned, more news soon.


Yes, Marcel is working on a new solo album, the album will get 11 songs, and has 5 vocals songs and 6 instrumentals. The vocalists for the album are:

– Eric Clayton
– Esther Brouns
– Jos Severens
– Sascha Burchardt
– Pascal Remans

In August I will start a kickstarter crowd funding campaign with which I will collect money to release physical CD versions from the album. The album will sure be online at the most well known streaming services, aiming for autumn release.

First Single Out !

Check out the first single from Guitartalk 2021 for the song Human Experiments.
This song I wrote back in 1989 when I was 16/17 years old, first as an instrumental but I always had high pitched vocals in mind for this song, though at the time I did not have any contact to a singer who could sing that stuff.
I recently found the song back on an old cassette and I decided to record it again and ask the singer of my coverband Metal Attack: Pascal Remans.
The result became awesome so i decided to put it as the first single!